Instagram reklamiranje

Developed in 2010. as an app dedicated exclusively to publishing photography and videography via Apple iPhone devices, Instagram is a social network that went through a considerable growth. In 2013., when it found its place to Android devices, Instagram skyrocketed to over 1 million users in just 24 hours. Up until 2012., Instagram had a little over 80 million users. Today, there are over a billion users on a monthly level. The number is increasing instantly. Following global social networking standards, The Butterfly has created a specific sector to deal with the complexity of this social network. We utilize a special social media software that helps your company find its way to customers.
Having scrutinized the strategic digital marketing agenda, our creative agency moves on to create social media marketing that envisages preferences that reach your audience. According to research conducted by Instagram in 2016., a little bit over 60% of users acknowledge a brand by noticing an ad. Therefore, digital marketing is a mandatory step for every single entrepreneur.
It is also highlighted that photography makes greater impression on a user & Instagram is a social network that allows your multimedia content to gain audience.

In case you’re wondering – “How can Instagram attract profit”?

Instagram marketing makes it all look so easy! Its marketing techniques are available at an all time low prices! Additionally, by using photographs, video content & so called Instagram stories, you can catch your target audience instantly. Instagram offers interactive content like stickers, GIF formats, location, clock… By making use of these formulas, potential clients can get a grip of your business world! Additionally, you can interact with your clients via Direct messages & comment section on diverse posts. The potential of this platform is major and all you have to do is use it properly!
With the 24/7 availability, Instagram puts your ideas into practice. They are vivid, vibrant, omnipresent and accessible to everyone instantly.
We cannot help but mention that leading companies that lack in social media marketing, especially Instagram, are considered unavailable, raw and unprofessional. Let’s flip that and make your ideas break standards and turn heads!

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