Website Maintainence


Alongside building your website, our creative agency tackles maintenance & development. In extensive meetings, we try to stay within the lanes of your projects whilst keeping up with global digital marketing trends. Being an intermediary between you and your clients, we conduct thorough research into contemporary market, analyze the opponents & aim to implement authenticity into your personal projects. When the website is built, it’s creative growth is of essence. As we are working in accordance with the latest global standards, our creative agency broadens horizons utilizing newest research mechanisms that allow us to get a glimpse of what your brand misses. The ultimate goal is refreshment, progress & advancement.

What does website maintenance contain?

  1. Content Refreshment & Updating – Content on the website represents material in its completion (texts, videography, photography, galleries, products…). It’s leading role is to attract new and keep the gathered clients. Bearing in mind it’s principle goal, attention ought to be given to maintenance & constant publishing of material. Therefore, we monitor your website interactions & following in order to publish content that is widely accepted.
  2. Maintaining functionality – Everyday backups, IT trend following, refreshments that abolish functionality, link address checking & speed testing.
  3. Success – Success rate is followed based on the count of clicks, following, purchases & etc. We religiously provide you with the needed statistics in the PDF format on weekly or monthly basis. We adjust content to your needs (number of clicks, frequency, audience behavior, page views, demographic data, devices used to gain access…). In addition to doing so, we allow you to gain creative control over the ongoing process.
  4. Infrastructure monitoring – Hosting management.

Why us?
Our creative force operates in accordance to global digital marketing standards & trends in graphic design and website/social media development. Being professional & completely dedicated to what we do, be sure that your project will find its place on the market. Following your preferences & mainstream tendencies, we try to find sustainable solutions that prevail. It doesn’t matter if your company is small, corporate, government or nongovernment organization, we will do our best to meet your expectations.

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Best believe – We will do everything that is in our power to develop your ideas!