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Developed & optimized website is an imperative of every contemporary business in digital era. Being in the grip of Technology revolution & heaps of digital innovations, devices like smart phones & tablets have become our daily companion. A man averagely spends 24 hours a week using their smart phone. Grasp the opportunity to have your entrepreneurial ideas professionally developed! A polished website optimizes your brand and enables integration within the job market & client base networking. Digital sphere of your business is of paramount importance so as to professionalize, build quality & communicability. In the era of “Coca Colonization” & “McDonaldization”, internet enables following global trends. Our creative agency always keeps up. Following international business formats, we try to find a place for your brand in a wider coordinate system. Our main target is to transform your brand into a game changer. Using our aid, your brand will set in records so that you won’t be in a position to keep up.

You think that you’re late to the party?

Statistically, over 50% of small companies do not own a personal web page, which is a major inconvenience.

Prednosti posedovanja websjta su zaista brojne, a mi ćemo navesti neke od njih:

    1. Credibility – Whilst making decisions, the clients have to be sure what they’re investing in. Provided that you do not own a website, you will not be taken seriously, regardless of the money invested in radio & television marketing. This is vital for the entrepreneurs who do not have their premises. With every abolishment of your website, you reach higher audience.
    2. Professionalism – your website is enabling your audience to get a grip of your latest work, history of the company, answering questions, leaving comments, constructive criticism & etc. By developing your online platforms overall, you build professionalism & reach trust of your clients. Having established contact with your audience, you tease your products and services letting them shop in the comfort of their own home.
    3. Efficiency – Internet marketing is beneficial not only due to a digital presentation of your work, but also as you’re reaching a higher audience and making major profit just by a single minor investment. In addition to being so, every dollar invested in an internet campaign will undoubtedly be retrieved, while decisions about further investment mean a major profit multiplication. Moreover, building up image & brand in a digital format is a growing trend and it is of vital importance that you and your concepts find a particular spot in cyberspace. Do not let yourself stoop to lower standards. You’re not a backbencher, you score.
    4. Durability – Once built, an internet presentation is always in your ownership. Of course, the need to redesign, adjust & update is always evident. What we do on daily basis comprises of redesigning and providing you with the most necessary information dealing with audience, statistics & demographics. The objective is to gain better results. But don’t worry, our team is constantly on the go when it comes to collecting data & examining market.
    5. Responsiveness – Responsiveness in web language means adaptability of web sites to all sorts of devices. Once uploaded, your internet site will not be available solely to the users of PC’s & desk top computers, it will be optimized for smart phones, tablets, laptop devices. Moreover, WHPD is an utterly fluid & abstract concept. Your format will be vibrant 24/7 and omnipresent! Grasp the opportunity to be on top of your leg and to create trends others will so eagerly opt to follow.

Let us help!

We ensure you that The Butterfly creative agency is authentic on the market as our services are of high quality, but both available at low prices at the same time. It’s up to you to contact us. Then, our professional team will take you in and hear your stories and your concepts. We will conduct a complete market research with a view to noting predominant requests. Ultimately, in accordance with the stated conditions and your preferences, we will build a strategic promotional plan for your products & services and, therefore, suggest one of our packages.

Take the opportunity to contact us via e-mail address office@thebutterfly.com or via social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LiknedIn.

Best believe – We will do everything that is in our power to develop your ideas!