Facebook is one of the most engaging social networks today. While Instagram is predominantly occupied by personal accounts, Facebook is a platform of paramount importance for entrepreneurship and business. In just 15 years, this website managed to reach over 1.94 billion active users on monthly basis.

In Serbia, there’s up to 3-3,5 million monthly active users older than 18 years old. The majority of the audience is comprised of men (1,7 million), while there’s over 930 thousand people within the age range 30-40 years old that use this platform most frequently. 4% of the total population lives in Belgrade, while Novi Sad is the second city based on the frequency of utilization. Thoroughly analyzing this data, The Butterfly tempts to position your brand on the top, making it accessible to your audience. We make use of statistical data, such as demographic information, geotargeting, social-psychotargeting, our methods are raw & based on exclusively professional technology.
Social media marketing is diverse to traditional means of marketing, as data is more accessible both to the experts and the audience.

The key benefit of Facebook is that it’s you who draws the line. You are the one who creates a target audience based on your business’ performance.

This platform enables interactions with your followers. It also provides creative liberty to change formats of your posts (texts, photography, videography, GIFs…) & break the monotony and mundane atmosphere.

Facebook Ad Manager is a platform that enables market definition and reaching target audience single handedly. It makes use of specifications like consumer’s shopping orientations, frequency of using this platform & other key activities. By using this platform, your ads will be subtle & in accordance to users preferences.

Facebook advertising is comprised of three fundamental steps:

    1. Targeting
    2. Visibility and frequency of appearance – For this step, what matters the most is the plan of publishing. The plan of publishing is made having examined the market & leading opponents. It represents some kind of a strategic marketing portfolio made to maximize the utility of propaganda via Facebook. The relationship between the number of daily posts & the amount of money invested in so called boosted posts is some kind of a formula made to reach maximum efficiency of the ad.
    3. Analyzing results – Facebook, being one of the most business friendly and reliable networks, provides a cluster of information that tackle your performance.

How can we help you?

  • We can create a new or optimize an existing Facebook page.
  • Our experienced marketing team will conduct elaborate research into the market which will help them prepare the social media marketing strategy.
  • After doing so, we prepare the material needed to boost your page to the top. The material can include quotes, interesting factoids, videography, photography, GIFs… everything that turned out to be effective for our clients in general.
  • Reports & analysis – Having boosted the activity of your Facebook page, we analyze the success of the campaign and optimize your brand in accordance to the results

Take the opportunity to contact us via e-mail address office@thebutterfly.com or via social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LiknedIn.

Best believe – We will do everything that is in our power to develop your ideas!